Bulgaria map

Bulgaria is small European country situated in the southeastern part of Europe. Its territory is 111 000 sq km and various relief forms – from plains and valleys to high mountains. It is 1300 years old and offers lots of traditions, culture, monuments and history. There are many sightseeing that we recommend to our hunting guests. Traditional cuisine, Bulgarian wines and beer are things you should try.

Bulgaria - nature, climate

Nature and Climate

On its small territory, Bulgaria is benefited with great landscape form variety – mountains, plains, valleys. The most prominent mountains are the Balkans, Rhodope, Rila, Pirin, Strandzha mountains. Big rivers are passing through deep valleys and present magnificent views for nature lovers.

Climate in Bulgaria is moderate with four clearly distinguished seasons. Winters are severe and some years with lots of snow, summer is hot, spring and autumn are moderate. Daily winter temperatures are in between 0° and -10° C but can go as low as -25° C in January and February and summer daily temperatures are 30° - 35° C. Main big game season is autumn and winter – from beginning of September till end of February. Hunters coming for this period hunting have to be prepared with comfortable, warm, and wet proof clothing.

Bulgaria - cusine


Bulgarians are very proud with their traditional cuisine. Coming in Bulgaria and tasting as many as possible traditional dishes is a strong must. We will recommend traditional Bulgarian feta cheese – white salted cheese suitable for direct consumption or used in almost all kind of salads; Yogurt – the famous Bulgarian yogurt is prepared only on the Balkan Peninsula; Gjuvech – oven prepared pork, chicken, vegetables in a clay pot. Red wines produced in the Southern parts of Bulgaria are with great quality and if you have at least a day free we will be more than happy to show you our Wine Chatois in the Southern part of the country; Beers also are very good accepted by our foreign guest and you can choose from more than ten different brands brewed in different region of Bulgaria.

Bulgaria - Traditions and Culture

Traditions and Culture

Bulgaria is a country with 1300 years history and not surprisingly there are numerous traditions and culture rituals handed down from generation to generation. You have to visit Bulgaria in order to understand deeply its richness in well preserved centuries-old traditions like Nestinari – dancers dancing on lighted fire woods, Koukeri – dancers with fur leathers and scary masks dancing for scaring bad spirits, Khoro - Bulgarian folklore dances and songs, performed by traditionally dressed young people. You will enter totally different world and we guarantee this will not be your last visit to our country.