Golden Jackal

Golden Jackal | Canis Aureas L.

Jackals have keen senses and are significantly more cautious and alert animals than herbivorous deers, wild boars, etc.

Outfoxing a predator gives the hunter an incomparable pleasure because this is the essence of the eternal game. Most of our country territory is rich in jackals. We use three main methods of hunting them – on bait, with rabbit-in-distress game calls, and driven hunts.

Driven hunting is the most emotional among the others and we like it because of the chance of hunting with fellow hunters, share the adventure together. Very productive way, especially in South-Central and South-Eastern parts of Bulgaria where jackal population flourishes. We use a shotgun for it and 2/0 – 6/0 shot shells depending on the season, hunting area, and the expected game – jackal or fox.

Waiting them on bait is lonely sport but very challenging and satisfactory at the end. We have best results during December-February when there is a lot of snow and scarce food sources for predators. It takes long nights sitting alone in the dark but it worth it at the end.

Gamecalling could be emotional way of hunting, it is harder to get an animal but we prefer it because everything depends on hunter experience – choosing the right hunting place, taking into account the wind direction, camouflaging well, experience in using the game call, and precise rifle with appropriate riflescope.

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Golden Jackal

Golden Jackal
Canis Aureas L.

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Golden Jackal

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