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Our best hunting areas for small game hunting are in the North Eastern part of Bulgaria.

The place is Kavarna region which is situated around 500km from the capital Sofia and around 60 km from Varna – the second biggest airport city after Sofia. The Eastern Black Sea bird migratory route “Via Pontica” passes over the territory of Kavarna. This explains the presence of various migratory birds like wild duck, goose and particularly woodcock. The best time for hunting duck and goose is from mid-September till the end of January when the season is closing. Successful ducks and geese hunting in Bulgaria is highly dependant on the weather conditions. In foggy, snowy weather, the chances are significantly higher because they fly closer to the land and are easier target for the hunters. This is the reason why we usually combine ducks and geese hunting in the evening with pheasant hunting in the morning. Ultimate Hunting organizes spectacular pheasant hunts with lots of emotions and everlasting memories. The success is guaranteed and will be pleased to organize you once-in-a-lifetime pheasant hunt.

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