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Brown bear hunting in Bulgaria is put under strict regulation from January 1st, 2013 – only problematic bears could be hunted. Usually, it takes at least couple of months for the hunting permit to be granted and early booking of the hunt is a must. The client should be available for at least 5 days hunting/actually nights/ since the weather in the mountain is subject to sudden change. If the brown bear is well observed by the hunting area people, usually it takes not more than 3-4 nights but having a little bit of time will put the pressure down and will increase our chances in case of unexpected weather change. If the bear is shot on the very first night or the second the other nights if the client is willing he can wait for wolves on bait.

The client should know that the bear will be proven problematic /aggressive to livestock and/or people/. Of course, the hunting will be done from secured high seat and all the necessary precautions will be taken into consideration. The high seats in hunting areas are with bed and gas heaters, so they are relatively comfortable for all night waiting, if necessary. The best month for hunting bears is November, but of course it could be done anytime between October and December. Constant area observations are giving us additional information about bear behavior several months prior to hunting. We recommend rifles in calibers .30-06 or bigger and rifle scopes with at least 50 mm front lens.

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Brown bear

Brown Bear
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